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Bought here on HFC, if I recall correctly.  Selling because I found my Van Nuys Schecters.  Neck measures .91" just behind the first fret, and .93" at the 12th fret, for those interested (but strings are on so deduct what you see fit).  If I recall it came in a non-original case which was junk so I got rid of it and have stored it in the old Hamer case you see in the photos. I am including this rather beat up but functional Hamer case (from 1980). 

I took a fair number of photos, but the limit on the site says .98MB, which is teensy.  So the files I am attaching are dinky.  I tried to get photos of all defects I could find, but as you can see, it actually looks pretty good from just a couple feet away.  I cannot see a serial number so I included photos of the pots, that are Hamer and from 1980.  Solder looks original to me.  

The signature was there when I got the guitar.

I believe I paid 1350 for the guitar and non-Hamer case.  So best guess all in is $1500  paypal'd, insured, and shipped to your door CONUS .  I am guessing on that total cost, but essentially I am thinking $1350 for the guitar/case, plus shipping and PayPal fees.  If it is significantly less to ship I will refund the difference.  If it is more, I will bite it.  If you are local or traveling through (Durham, NC), it is $350 cash for the guitar....  plus $1000 cash handling fee (or more PP, etc).


If I did not mention anything or other photos are needed, feel free to message me.  












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Thanks, Scottcald.

I realize that interest in these is limited, and also that other’s recent 2004 prices alter the context of other current listings, including mine.  Feel free to make an offer.  This is no fire sale nor hurried, but I am not unreasonable, either.  


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Had a question about frets, so pictures worth a thousand words....DSC_0601.jpg.f139ea3990162b2f6b2b3b3db091d7f9.jpgDSC_0600.jpg.d0b52fc1579e783b031d28fe8f521640.jpgDSC_0599.jpg.091c571d936a51cf970d1570cc4cb5d9.jpgDSC_0598.jpg.7cbb712406a31cc9d4940b3ed4e3b936.jpgDSC_0597.jpg.e27cfe526a29ad88f2b0ed86b6f4e334.jpgDSC_0596.jpg.57c1d388eaad37a125850d368fa8382e.jpgDSC_0595.jpg.ddaa062fd84cdb0deaf7c24f441fbae8.jpgDSC_0594.jpg.03d93c4a20f746a7aa479d2a1e6acda0.jpgDSC_0593.jpg.9d90d519a375ed8b47c4538926fe6aa6.jpg

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