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FS: Reverend Kingsnake 20-60 1 x 12 Combo Amp

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Reverend Kingsnake 20-60 1 x 12 Combo Amp
Kingsnake 20-60 guitar amplifier designed by Dennis Kager and Joe Naylor. Only 300 were ever produced.
Well-made all-tube combo amp running 2 x 6L6 and 4 x 12AX7 tubes, with a spring reverb and effects loop. Switchable between 20 and 60-watts.
I had a mod done (completely reversible) the allows for switching off the negative feedback circuit (small switch on the back of amp). Opens up the amp when switched out.
Currently has a Warehouse Guitar Speakers G12C/S - 75 watts installed, a great sounding speaker.
In good condition, includes a cover.
Not interested in any trades.
$750 Shipped in the CONUS.
“The Kingsnake is designed to produce powerful "boutique" amp tone in an affordable and light weight package. The single-channel, all-tube design offers versatility via the Schizo voicing switch, master volume, switchable wattage and tube-driven reverb. 
Construction features include chassis mounted/hand-wired jacks, switches and controls. Independent pre-amp, power amp and control circuit boards for reliability and easy service. Ceramic flame-proof power tube sockets and synthetic low-noise pre-amp tube sockets. Tube sockets mounted to circuit boards with mechanical locking tabs. “
Schizo Switch:
US - Transparent midrange with strong bass and treble for classic American clean and light overdrive.
LO-FI - More midrange and gain with a softer treble response for a bluesy tone reminiscent of worn tubes and an old speaker. UK - Even more gain with a distinctly British upper-mid peak for classic blues-rock and hard-rock crunch. 
Switchable Wattage: 20 or 60 watts. Use with the master volume to adjust the amount of overdrive and volume to suit different size rooms.
Tubes: two 6L6 (JJ) and four 12AX7.
Accutronics Reverb Tank
All-Tube Circuit: 100% tube signal path and tube-driven reverb circuit.
DC Filaments: all 12AX7 tubes have hum eliminating DC filaments.
All-Plywood Cabinet 

IMG_2171 copy.jpg

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I'm not affiliated with the seller on this forum, but as an owner of both a Reverend Goblin 5/15 1x10 combo amp (currently housed in a custom Mojotone 1x12 combo amp cab with a Jensen Neo 12-100 speaker in it) and a Reverend Kingsnake 1x12 combo amp, I wanted to say that these amps as a clean pedal platform have a great clean tube amp tone and is currently in my gig amp lineup for its tone/portability/wattage. The overdrive when the Schizo switch is switched Lo-Fi or UK has a good quality sounding overdrive that's useful if you want to drive the amp more for a blues or classic rock type of tone. The tube driven reverb is good, but not as lush as on a Fender black face/silver face amp due to the reverb tank/combo cabinet size. The 20/60 watt switch is a nice option for small or large size rooms. I use the Kingsnake amp set to 20 watts about 90% of the time in the venues that I play at.  I have yet to use it in the 60 watt setting. The Jensen Neo 12-100 100 watt speaker is lightweight, has a balanced tone whether the amp is played clean or overdriven. The other Jensen speakers that I've played on vintage Fender amps I've always found to be harsh sounding with a biting trebly tone, IMHO. The Neo 12-100 is more smooth sounding and has a pleasant tone when played clean or overdriven. The amp that I own out of the 300 Kingsnake 1x12 combo amp/amp heads made by Reverend Guitars was made by Joe Naylor himself, has no issues yet, and sounds quite good to me. The Reverend amps are an under the radar amp for the working guitarist who desires a good quality sounding/portable tube amp without resorting to a solid state amp. 

  I wanted to give the seller a bump and good luck with the sale boost. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Guitar George

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Thanks for the comments, it is a very cool amp and great for a grab-and-go with a few pedals.

The amp had a Celestion G12-70 in it when I bought it and the WGS in there now sounds much better.

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