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Legendary Counterpoint SA-5000 preamp $1600 shipped to you.

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Helping a friend sell this unit. He keeps his gear in top shape, will also have some speakers and a couple other items.

Up for immediate consideration is the Counterpoint SA-5000, it's a hybrid tube/mosfet (sp?) preamp unit with the external power supply. 

Tubes upgraded from 6DJ8 to Russian 6N23  in all six spots with a JJ 12AX7.  6CA4 in the power supply.

I will get pictures later this week.Tubes will be shipped in their own box.

I know next to nothing about this stuff, but ask away and I will send them along to him for answering.

Thanks for consideration!

Feel free to ask any questions.

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I don't have direct experience with Counterpoint products, but they made several preamp models over time and the SA-5000 was considered the classic one. It combines a phono preamp with a line-level preamp. I've only recently discovered that if you play low-output moving coil cartridges, a good line stage helps dial in the volume you want without adding noise, which often happens if you're dealing with a low-level signal.

The SA-5000 was $3600 when new.

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I have more pics for anyone interested


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Bump for the HFC audiophiles.

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