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Giveaway Time Again. Pick / COVID update

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I'm never going to use these especially since I'm not playing much anymore. I have a 72 pack minus maybe 10 or 12. I liked these for a while but then went back to the Jazz III. These have the Jazz III point but a little larger grip area which is cool. 1.0 mm. If you guys want some txt me @ 863-409-3318 or email me @ thornm@tampabay.rr.com since my inbox is usually full and I don't check in here as much as I used to. include your name, HFC name, and address and I'll pop 4 or 5 in the mail to you, whatever I can get away with for standard envelope. These are new, by the way.

ETA: First picture is size comparrison between Jazz III and Jazz III XL




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Pick update:

Sorry I haven't gotten these out yet. My son's girlfriend was kicked out of her college apartment. So guess what? I got to drag her furniture and belongings down the flights of stairs and into a storage unit. Then the rest of the stuff she needed for daily life came to our home along with her. The college is shut down and they ordered everyone out. She originally had permission to stay on campus since she lives alone in her apt and could sequester there. She needed to stay behind because she is doing research on sea  anemones and needed to take care of the little creatures. Well, at the last and most inconvenient moment the school changed their minds and told her she needed to leave too. So I haven't had the time to get the picks out. Hopefully I will this week. There are still some available for those who might like some.

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