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What’s everyone currently packing?

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Yeah, yeah, YAY-uh!

Different thread, haha, but that was the joke.  Here's a very long story, but what inspired that thread title: My Dad was a C-141 pilot for the Mississippi ANG.  According to my Dad, flight crews w

After playing for over 35 years, I recently realized that I love Strats. Really enjoying this one.  

Posted Images

26 minutes ago, crunchee said:

Cool story!  I'm not sure (especially since the Air National Guard units had/has different affiliations/aircraft compliments over the years, depending on mission requirements), but IIRC most ANG transport aircraft fell under MAC (Military Airlift Command) during the Gulf War, at least when it came to getting folded into prolonged Active Duty service with other transport aircraft units and commands.  MAC's transport aircraft was combined into AMC (Air Mobility Command) along with SAC's (Strategic Air Command) refueling aircraft (tankers) in 1992:



I was once attached to a C-9 Medevac Squadron (part of the USAF's Pacific Air Forces) at Clark AB, Philippines, back in the late '80's; Clark was a busy place for aircraft, lots of transient transport aircraft from the States, Guam, Japan, and elsewhere going through there...I remember one day, running an errand to the flightline in the Squadron's blue Metro van, and passed a C-130 parked nearby on the flight line with it's rear cargo ramp half open.  All I could see of the inside of the tail of the aircraft was a huge pile of locally-made wicker furniture!  Somebody obviously had gone shopping while passing thru.   :rolleyes:

BTW, back then, the unofficial 'nickname' of MAC (probably coined by people who weren't part of MAC) was 'Maybe Airplane Come'.  ;) :lol:

You're probably right.  I don't know enough about the hierarchy of things to know where they ended up.  I know they were a tactical airlift group for a long time but moved to strategic airlift just before Panama in 89 if memory serves.  All I remember for sure about that story is that it was their overall command, and I just guessed SAC.  

Looking it up, I remember the MAC patch on his flight suit, so that must be it.  

And they used to flew 130s in the 80s, but I don't remember any wicker furniture.  We did end up with a pretty nice chest in the house after the Panama operation.  It seems to me that they mostly did stuff around Central America back then. 


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I’m down at my lowest in years...

Hamer Talladega

Hamer Mirage I

Hamer Mirage II

Charvel 650xl

Incomplete partscaster: alder carvin body, need a neck...

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I was in SAC for five years, and lived by their unofficial motto: "To err is human; to forgive is not SAC policy." But their official motto was "Peace is our Profession...but Bombing is our Business."



Packing heat: two AR-15s, two 9mm pistols, and two 12-ga shotguns.

Instruments: Hamer: Studio Custom, Artist Custom, Newport Birdseye, & Earthen Maple Studio (Excalibur)

                        Gibson: SG Supreme

                        G & L: JB-2 bass   

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I'm currently slinging my blue Shishkov DC the most, but have been messing with a cool new toy a bit (Epi Joe B. Firebird 1 - it's ridiculously good).  Probably at a 95:5 ratio in favor of the Shishkov.  It's just that fun to play.


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Like Chris I tend to play my no1 Shishkov the most - my second Super-C.  The original Super-C still gets lots of play but it’s a very different feeling and sounding guitar.

Lately I really enjoy my FB too - loads of beef and it sustains incredibly.  Shishkov’s aside most of my Hamer’s are on rotation. 


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1989 Hamer Chaparral

2007 Hamer Artist custom order

2014 Rickenbacker 4003

2003 PRS Santana SE

2009 DIY Telecaster with steel body

2012 Danelectro Dano 63 double neck guitar + bass (DIY)

2017 Explorer bass kit (DIY)

The weird ones:



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39 minutes ago, LucSulla said:

Now imagine all of these guitars in the same room.  

That'd be some room. 

6 hours ago, aliparla said:

2009 DIY Telecaster with steel body

Pretty cool.  How heavy is it?  Is it full thickness?  

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Fender Standard Limited Edition Strat
Schecter C-1 Exotic Star
Dean EVO Special
Schecter Strategy
Schecter PT Air Force USAF
Schecter C1+
I downsized a while back
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LEFT (J-Pop voice): “Fujigen-san, I am dishonored to be so admiring of this handsome gaijin!”

RIGHT (Toshiro Mifune voice): “ “HANDSOME?” Bah! We offer similar materials, fit/finish and superior craftsmanship at a lower price!”

MIDDLE: “Whatevah, y’all...”

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On 4/8/2020 at 8:49 AM, Jakeboy said:

Korina Artists are wonderful. And the vintage carve from the 2001 era is perfect, IMO.

I just posted about my 2001 Studio and compared its carve to Gibbie’s 50s carve.  Mine must be the vintage carve too. It is perfect.

Just my Hamers: 

93 P90 Special with Wolfetone Mean and Meaner pups.

2001 Studio Aztec Gold with Duncan 59s

Newport Pro orange non sparkle I forget the year  Seth Lover in bridge position Phat Kat in neck position. 

Korina Jr with a Wolfetone Meaner forget that year too.


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20 year SAC trained killer here....B52s, KC135s, and the B2.

Shishkov 0006 is so much better than the others and it gets the nod for most recorded solos and for when it counts. I can fly on that guitar.

Hamer Artist Korina HB currently sporting a Rumpel Firebird neck pickup and an HB sized Rumpel single coil in the bridge. Sounds like a Tele or steroids currently. 

Hamer Newport with Rumpel HB sized p90 in the bridge and a fat Rumpel HB sized single coil in the neck.

Peavey  Soapbar Firenza....will sell this locally soon...or save it for one of the grandkids....hate to see a nice USA made guitar sell for $300

12 string Tele partscaster

1990 Guild D25 acoustic

Homemade lap slide that is quite nice

1997 Hamer CruiseBass

Fewest I’ve owned in a while....sold my Tele and Strat to raise Shishkov #2 funds. 0006 and the 2 Hamers are in constant rotation. I love them all.

Lots of cool Amps & pedals...all protected by my friends Mr. Ruger, Mr. Remington, and Mr. Mossberg.


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Here's my current herd:


1986 Custom Vintage Yellow w/birds and 1 piece top

1986 Pre-Standard

1987 Signature #106

1991 Custom Bonni Pink in NOS condition (rare color!)

2000 Singlecut w/ 1 piece 10 top

2005 20th Anniversary Custom

2010 Custom Wood Library with Floyd Rose and Sweet Switch

2015 Private Stock Santana II (Fire Red with red coral bird inlays)

2019 McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow Ltd.


1964 Strat (100% real and spectacular!)

2007 Mexi Reverse Strat w/ Upgrades (pre-Hendrix)

Mexi Roland Ready Strat w/ custom "Rocky" paint job (for my Beatles tribute band)

1991 Fender USA Prodigy with custom Beatles "Yellow Submarine" graphics

2012 Fender USA American Select Telecaster

2017 Fender Custom Shop Heavy Relic Strat


1981 Bound Vector

1985 Electraglide SMG

1996 Duotone


2016 Historic Aged '59 Les Paul Standard in Tea Burst

2018 Firebird I in Frost Blue


1993 Japanese JTX (Killer guitar!)

2011 USA Adrian Smith Model


2018 Standard Pro in Bengal Burst


2011 360/12 V63 12-string (for my Beatles tribute band)


Korean Casino in Vintage Burst w/ Bigsby (for my Beatles tribute band)


Japanese Tennessee Rose w/ painted f-holes (for my Beatles tribute band)


Icon Series Beatle Bass


2015 514 CE Limited Edition w/ Florentine cutaway

Got a few amps too, but way more of a guitar fetish... 😎


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1 hour ago, GuitarGuy65 said:


Got a few amps too, but way more of a guitar fetish... 😎


I feel like amp GAS is the more aggressive form of GAS.  I had that for a spell and had to put my PayPal account in quarantine. 

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On 4/8/2020 at 6:36 AM, MCChris said:
Fackyo Melecaster

Ummmmm, why is this name coincidentally similar to the Fackoff Caretaker I finally got back from Kizanski?  😂

And why has not one of these previous lists included a TLE that I could liberate from its (soon to be) previous owner? 😂

2 Hamer TLE’s

1 Hamer TLE that USPS destroyed and I’m still crying about

1 Hamer Eclipse

1 Hamer Daytona

1 Fackoff Caretaker

1 American Special Telecaster

1 American Performer Telecaster

2 Baja Telecasters

1 FSR Telecaster with Mid-boost (same neck as a Baja)

1 Warmoth Parts Tele

A whole gaggle of Ibanez Lonestars (an odd addiction)


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Godammit what is wrong with this board?  I quoted MCChris’ “Fackyo Melecaster” and it deleted that part. And then when I try to edit everything comes up blank. Must be the Coronavirus. 

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The list in my profile is up to date.

Both on the left hand side each in the pics build a couple on the stands right now.

My personal takes on the Red Special theme.


Hamer Standard


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2018 Heritage 535 with Seth Lovers

1990s SRV Strat

1990s MIJ 60s Reissue Strat in Shell Pink

1990s MIM Strat with Duncan "Everything Strat" Set (great beater guitar)

Warmoth Mahogany Tele w/HBs and Ebony neck

and my new favorite - G&L Fallout-can't put this one down-if you've never tried one, try one-mine has the JB in the bridge 

2012 Martin D28


Need to add a Hamer-I have been without for a few years now and I miss 'em 


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I've never had more than 4 or 5 at a time, and this year I've downsized to 2 that I gig with (now play at the house, ha),

and a cheapie short scale shredder that I keep in my locker at work.

HH2 & Relic.JPG


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Parts Tele (TwinTown Tele)

Parts Tele (MJT Build)

2019 Gibson LP Special

2001 58 Reissue

#0070 Shishkov

Everything else is in the FS Section. 

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Please include address information, security system info, dogs?, armed homeowner or not, types of door locks, etc., so we can plan our next shopping trip.   😎🙄😏


You know I’m just kidding.  

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'76 Fender Stratocaster,

‘08 Gibson custom shop Les Paul Axcess,

‘12 Jackson custom shop Star,

‘17 HEL Interceptor/Standard,

‘18 HEL Spitfire,

'91 Hamer Diablo,

‘91 Hamer Centaura, 

'90 Hamer/HEL Cali Mutt,

‘90 Hamer Cali Elite mutt,

‘89 Hamer O’Connor marble/maple Cali,

‘90 Hamer Fath double neck Cali,

‘89 Hamer Cali Elite LE x 5,

‘89 Hamer Cali O'Connor Dragon Skin custom order,

’12 Hamer Cali custom,

‘15 Addict Burrito,

‘17 Addict Burrito2

and a ‘13 BC Rich Bathory Sig Assassin I just can’t seem to get rid of!

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