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Judas Priest - Does Turbo suck?

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I didn’t think Turbo sucked. I bought it when it first came out and it was different but not total suck.  Had a few decent songs. 

Side noted:  Got a copy of Killing Machine a few weeks ago at a local record store. That’s a great album. 

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1 hour ago, Submariner85 said:

Got a copy of Killing Machine a few weeks ago at a local record store. That’s a great album. 

Word. "Evening Star", "Before the Dawn" (before the term, "power ballad", was coined.), "Delivering the Goods", "Running Wild"...damn. Think I'll spin that one straight away.


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Killing Machine certainly increased their popularity. Potentially, in a similar way poppy like Turbo. Just at a different time.

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On 7/13/2020 at 3:54 PM, RobB said:

No mention of, "Killing Machine?" That's their crossover record. A lot of great tunes on that one, and the production was a step up from earlier records.

Yep, Killing Machine (called Hell Bent For Leather in the usa) & Unleashed in the East are my fave JP albums

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Big Priest fan here.


Agreed on 'Killing Machine/Hell Bent...'   A great album that was a huge departure from the previous one, 'Stained Class'  --which, interestingly, was released earlier the same year ( on the same day as the debut Van Halen record.)    Halford's vocals spent more time snarling in the lower registers instead of the epic banshee shrieks and wails up to that point.

Great promo vid of the title track, with the start of the leather and studs look ( and Tipton rocking a Les Paul as a real change!)



My first Priest album was 'Defenders...' that I bought in about '85 when it was still their newest release.  I vividly remember seeing  the 'Turbo' LP in the record bin at K-mart one day as a new release, not knowing it was even in the works ( my access to Hit Parader and Circus was kinda limited, lol.)

Had some cash and bought it on the spot, excited to get it home and listen.   Didn't even realize I had my record player on 45, so the opening of the title track sounded even MORE bizzare for a minute, lol.)

It was a little bit of a let down at first, as it just didn't have quite the majesty of 'Defenders...' or 'Screaming...' but I still liked it and it got a lot of play for me.  There's some great lead work on 'Locked In', 'Reckless' and others.   ' Out In The Cold' is a great tune as well.  

I did feel like the guitar tones took a shift toward the bland, starting with 'Turbo.'   A little less edge and crunch.   The synths didn't bother me nearly as much as the regular guitar tones, lol.  By the time 'Ram it Down' came out, the guitar tone got boxier and buzzier ( although Halford was other-worldly incredible on that album!)

Eternal mega-props to the band for the woodshedding that took place for 'Painkiller.'     They had ZERO to prove by that point, but still set a new benchmark for the younger guys.  I appreciate that album now more than I did at the time.  (Still have the cassette, lol.)

Really liked 'Firepower.'  Tones, songs and riffs.  Harford is kinda more in his 'Killing Machine' vibe vocally, which suits him in this day and age. He's got more than enough charisma to offset the unavoidable decline in range over the years.  It's amazing he had what he did for so long.  

Lot of good points made in this thread.

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