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PRICE DROP ! Lovepedal Hermida Audio Reverb 3SE

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1. Hermida Reverb3SE- - why a special edition? Sean added a Tone knob for the verb. TRADED

Here is the LP description...
A Beautiful tank. 
A hybrid reverb that captures the pre-delay'd slap of a mechanical spring unit mixed with the airy voice and decay of a vintage plate. 
We all know the Hermida Reverb 2 is incredible, and this is exactly where they started. 

Expanding on the capabilities of the Rev. 2 they included even more space, texture and air when desired. The Reverb 3 includes a custom, full 24-bit DSP reverb generator while the dry signal retains all nuance and dynamics as a result of a carefully tuned analog pre-amp and mix amplifier. 

Why am I selling these if it so great? Well, I have settled on the Lovepedal 65 Reverb spring type as the verb I want to hear. 


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BG OC42 sold.

This unique and great sounding Reverb is really, really good too.

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