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Hamer watchface for Apple Watch/Business stuff

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Some of you may remember that my wife run for mayor in our hometown and got elected in April. She started her new job in May (and its a 60hrs and more week she has now), and as a consequence I cut my working time to 50% - just to get the familiy running.
But as life goes, there is (happy me, I know) some time left, and beside playing guitar I decided to use my business skills to start a little company, offering web/design/photography/pr-services. It all starts with a name and a web site, you find the english version here:
And as for every beginning business I am looking for clients und customers - not so much for financial reasons but for the list of references you need to make an entrance somewhere else.
So if you need any of the named above - be it help in graphics (Logo?CD-Cover) or web (WordPress or other CMS) or design/photoshop/prepress stuff - I‘d be happy to hear from you (just pm me). And as for prices and compensations - since this is the beginning and because this is HFC, we sure can work something out - if payment is an issue at all. Smaller jobs will go for free, I am pretty sure about that (as long as you do not ask me to set up an onlince shop with 1k articles - but even then a 4digit Standard will do, I guess).
Thanks for reading (oh, and Admins - if this is too far off, let me know).
And if any of you is using the Apple Watch 4 or 5 - I used the Hamer Logo to make a watchface (black on white and vice versa). Looks pretty cool me thinks. 
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