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The Hamer Wall

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43 minutes ago, Steve Haynie said:

We have a separate forum where you can find replacement Hamers to rebuild that wall

True, but will Mexico pay for it?  OK, just kidding. 

Steve's correct; over time, you'll find plenty of offerings on the For Sale page to fill those wall hangers much the same way it was years ago.  

Now...what's the story on that green Special with what appears to be a plugged neck pickup rout?  

ETA:  Checked the photo again on a larger screen and whilst wearing reading glasses, and now I see a black/black humbucker in the neck slot. 

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53 minutes ago, Steve Haynie said:

There is $350 waiting for you any time you want to let go of that Special.  Just let me know. 

I'm really surprised that the tree fiddy offer hasn't crept up to at least four hunnerd by now, Steve.  You know, inflation and all.. 😉

I remember the early days of the Fan Club, and all the people that were offended by the inside joke. Good to see that there are still

some of the old school Hamer guys still around.. Here's a better pic for you..


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