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A very happy ending (Hamer Content)

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A few years ago, my son took bass lessons from local legend Dajando Smith, who opened up his eyes and ears at a critical time.  He really learned a lot, and with Dajando's pushing, he's become a damned good bass player.  After one of the lessons, they were shooting the shit about gear, etc., and my son happened to mention that he had a Blitz Bass.  Dajando got a bit verklempt, and related the tale of how as a high schooler, his hard-working parents scrimped and saved to help him order a custom Hamer Blitz bass with some special touches and his name on the truss rod cover.  I don't recall whether he had to sell the bass a few years later or if it was stolen at a gig or whatever, but it was something he's been searching for for decades in the hope of getting a chance to get it back.  Apparently, it was literally one of those things that kept him up some nights.

I asked my son to see if he could get me a pic that I could post here or if he could even describe it, and it definitely sounded like quite a cool, unique piece.  White top and back, black sides, a "Japanese Flag with Grid" graphic and matching headstock with a red Hamer logo.   Hmmmm...something sounded vaguely familiar about that...

An email to a longtime HFC'er who happened to know where the bass was, some 2,500+ miles away, and Dajando finally knew that his bass still existed out there somewhere.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago - Dajando didn't have the money to buy his bass back, but was working to save for it.  As a working musician, that's been pretty tough during 2020.  Some DC-area musicians and fans started a GoFundME, and the goal was met almost right away.


My son called me this afternoon to let me know that there had been an actual reunion, and Dajando and his one-of-a-kind Blitz Bass are back together after all these years.   Thanks to a mighty cool HFC'er who worked things to make it happen, as well as the DC Music community members who pitched in to bring the bass home.

For those who do the social media thang - it's on Instagram and FB, but not sure it'll link here:


I needed a feel-good story like this this week...



Dajando Blitz 091020.jpg

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                                              WOW! Very cool!, certainly anytime but all the more so in these times I'll bet he is over the moon to have that back.There is always that one guitar that haunts you.....................whether you had to sell it, traded, it or worse had it stolen and most of the time it is a rarity that you can ever get it back.This time it worked out,well done and,congrats to him.

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I can see why he kept an eye out for that particular Blitz. GREAT! Thanks to everyone who made this reunion happen and thanks to CM for sharing it. 

Sorry for getting this song out but it actually seemed needed to me today:


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Wow! Great story!

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This is a very special bass, i can speak from personal account. I have known Dajando since the early 2000's he is a really good person! I should add it was his close friend GI Jaguar (an amazing person and super talented guitarist) that really made this all happen.

Here is a piece that was done for Washington Magazine on the story (including link to the HFC).


Given the trying times right now for us all, I think it is more important than ever to stay positive, do the right thing and help others as karma is everything!! The toys are the toys, but it is about the people at the end of the day!






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WOOOOOOOWW!!!! That's an awesome bass, and a great story! Well except for it getting stolen.

Was that a standard graphic back then, or did he get it custom made just for that bass? The Japanese Katakana on the bass read DE A N DO  and SU MI SU, so it's got his name right on it.

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