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22 hours ago, rugby1970 said:

2003 Newport For Sale. The color is red but I don't know the exact Hamer color name. The 3-way selector switch should be replaced as it sometimes doesn't stop in the middle position. The pickups were changed by the previous owner, a very fine member and gentleman on this site. I don't know what pickups are now in the guitar.

The condition? Glad you asked. Many sellers use hyperbole is describing their guitar. I take the road less traveled and have never described a guitar as mint but I will say that this Newport is in very good condition. Only pick marks by the high e string, no other scratches, no belt rash, a dimple or two, no Hameritis, a hint of fret wear. Maybe I missed a dimple or a swirl? So I'll still describe the condition as very good.

It plays really well, no buzzing, strung with 10s, I personally have never had to adjust the truss rod as it stays pretty much in tune even after a month in the case. My music room is kept at 76-77 deg F and close to 40% RH.

Included is the OHSC.

I'm a terrible photographer so don't be too harsh on the picture quality. If you're interested please contact me for additional pictures.

Price here for supporting members is $1300 FIRM, PP gift or something similar and actual shipping. If you're just kicking tires please don't ask me for a shipping price, you can do that on your own. If the guitar is still here after a week I'll post it to the usual fee based sites for a higher price.

Thank for looking and stay safe.

IMG_20200429_123054176_HDR (640x469).jpg

IMG_20200429_122957764_HDR (428x640).jpg

IMG_20200429_123014208_HDR (513x640).jpg

IMG_20200429_123026671_HDR (457x640).jpg

Oh my! Why am I located in Germany? I‘d want it...

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16 hours ago, Hfan said:

A lot of guitar for the price for sure. Actually I think I bought an Orange one from the OP .. a good seller.

Yes, you did. How's Jersey?

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Now there are even two Newport’s available here...and I am sitting here in Münster 😞

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  • rugby1970 changed the title to 2003 Newport Pro SOLD

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