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109: A Pictorial Of Progress...

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Hi All- After witnessing over the past three years so many of Mike’s previous works come to completion on both this site & fb- two years ago I willingly threw my name into the Shishkov Sweepstakes.

Given the serial number count at the time along with getting some glimpses of the meticulous work that was put into each and every instrument, it was obvious that it would be some time before this build would start, so it was like- OK, enjoy the ride.

The builds that have been shared since have been full of so many really cool and unique ideas...so much so that just when one thinks they might have what they had envisioned figured out, something else is presented that prompts further creative thought....I’m sure many of us can relate, right?

So when Trish recently notified me that 109 was in the next batch and after confirming some details, the top was soon selected. Then last week after talking pickups with Josh Gravelin, I spoke with Mike about a few more things and about an hour later Trish sent me a few photos of the neck. That’s when it finally set in- This build is now happening!

So here they are- and seemingly sort of like seeing those first ultrasounds of a child, Number 109...




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5 hours ago, Jakeboy said:

I hope the builds are continuing to move right along....I am sure the pandemic hasn’t helped things...

Mike is still working steadily away...

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Hi All- Happy 2021. I don’t have any news and have been away due to a recent surgical procedure a few months back but am sure that Mike’s been busy. When the time comes that something is shared with me I’ll post it here. If not, then we’ll fast forward to the finished result and that sure fits into the progress category, right?Thanks.

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