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"Live Music Matters" column in newspaper

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It’s unfortunate all across the USA that musicians are pretty much left to fend for themselve’s. It’s alway’s been a struggle being a professional musician and that’s when there where places to play!! 
Now if all those places fold it get’s even tougher. 
I remember when the drinking age changed from 18 to 21 almost all the Ballroom’s shuttered. That was our big money night’s and we had a younger crowd following. We worked hard to become a different band to fit better in the bar scene. They paid less and we played more. Instead of big money nights and private gig’s we went to playing quietly for people who sat and chewed on steaks. It was frustrating. 
I went back to college, the others went into trades or finished their degrees like I was doing. Some hung in there and took what they could get.
It’s a time of change again, but there is alway’s going to be the restless spirit of young musicians trying to make it!

At least I hope there is!!!


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