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eBay ID disclosure

Would you voluntarily disclose your eBay ID to other HFC members?  

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The good & bad thing about ebay...

He/She who has the most money wins!!!

most times I just say Oh well about thing I get outbid on but a few weeks back there was an item I have been looking for for many many years came up. I was the high bidder until about the last 10 sec. I got out bid. You knw the guy that won the guitar is going to put in a glass case & hang it on his wall. I know because I e-mailed him after the auction. What a waste of a cool guitar!!

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I'm on the side of the deepest pockets system. If I want it I'll bid and I don't care if it's an HFC'er or not. There's no personal disrespect in wanting a guitar and ponying up to buy it.

However, I will in fact back off if I know it's a hot item to someone in particular but not so much so to me.

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Greetings Alpep.

I am happy if the Hamers get into the HFC. Any way that happens is OK by me.

My nightmare is a top notch Hamer (sans case) living out a shortened brutal life covered with skateboard punk stickers and getting kicked around the back of a van full of zonked idiots.

my .02, still overpriced.


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I am still gratefull to JJ paul for backing off on that centaura (from the first post), altough I did'nt got it in the end. I gave my limit to him - If he wanted to give more he could have it.

JJ, I own you one !!!

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