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Necks: Both Allparts and both are Vintage 60's Necks. 7.25 Radius, 21 Frets. One is Finished and one is Raw, both are the exact same specs. 

Finished Neck: $135 Shipping and Paypal Included

Raw Neck: SOLD Shipping and Paypal Included






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3 minutes ago, Steve Haynie said:

You got me thinkin'.  So, I went looking for the rest of the parts to make a guitar. 

There are a lot of Fender Tele bodies with hardware and electronics still in them all over eBay. 

What is going on with that? 

So many Teles and Strats have been parted out because guys are making more money off them in parts than selling them whole. Fender is also asking good money for NEW necks when you can get a used MIM Tele for not much more. 

It is very easy to acquire a guitar body, loaded to go with this neck. True 60's Feel and look, you can buy a logo pretty cheap if you want to finish it out. 

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