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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Hoping everyone has a safe and thankful day, even in this shitshow of a year. Our daughter and fam (with the all-important grandkids) are a last minute cancellation for today as they are in quarantine after being exposed to COVID over the weekend.

Nonetheless, lots to be thankful for here!

Keep rockin’!

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Yes, happy Thanksgiving to all you folks on the other side of the big pond! Have a merry time, stay safe and healthy!!

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                                                   Happy Thanksgiving! My WIFE and Kids are all working, they are all in healthcare Nurse and CNA/NARs. Me I'm retired so I'm "HOME ALONE" for most of the day. And I'm OK with that. Now.................. on to play guitar.🙂


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38 minutes ago, specialk said:



Happy Happy!

That reminds me of these Lincoln commercials that have been on TV recently (no affiliation, BTW), where the woman ducks back to the safety of her Lincoln...it made me wonder, wouldn't a few bottles of wine be just as effective and a lot cheaper than a new car?  And, for the price of a new Lincoln, shouldn't it have a built-in wine bar?  :rolleyes:


Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, again!  And don't forget, wear a mask, and don't drink and drive! :)

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Happy Thanksgiving, all.  Mrs_S cancelled the celebration this year, as she didn't want to risk the kids bringing COVID Cooties into the house to share with us and her octogenarian parents.  So, I didn't mind when my customer wanted me to stay over in Sulphur, LA to finish their much-delayed project.  After the year we've had, the overtime doesn't hurt.

Being here reminds me of what I'm thankful for this year: that my family live in an area that's been untouched by natural disaster.  This corner of Louisiana got wreck by hurricanes Laura and Delta and the cleanup is far from over.  There are still piles of roofing, ruined furniture, downed trees all over the place waiting to be hauled away.  Trucks and trailers lined up clear out of the parking lots of all the area lumber yards and home centers, waiting to load up with materials.  BOTH music stores in the area are closed, one permanently. 

So, today is a day to count our blessings.

Also, I'm thankful I found this little punk-rock beastie in a local pawn shop, it's keeping me occupied for my longer-than-expected stay in the lovely Fairfield Inn Sulphur.


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