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Warmoth loaded Strat body FS #1 Candy Apple Red w/trem

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Warmoth Candy Apple Red Strat body, alder with:

Lollar Blackface pickups in neck and middle positions, DiMarzio Chopper in bridge (Lollar Blackface bridge pickup included as well)

Super Vee Bladerunner vintage mount tremolo (shorty traditional and regular length solid bar included)

Master volume and two tone controls, 5 way switch. M+B position splits the hum bucking bridge pickup. Tone controls are always available for all activated pickups.

Excellent condition.

$500.00 shipped in the U.S.  Add 3% for PayPal if you use it.




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1 hour ago, Pieman said:

Can I ask where all the necks went?

Nice bodies.  

I take it you are a Lollar fan?

Most are hanging on my wall.  I have my preferences, which don't alway align with other's. With these, I think it's easier to part them out rather than try to sell the assembled guitars.  The necks are a bit problematic since I applied Fender decals to many of them.

Yes, Lollar and Lindy Fralin single coil pickups are favorites.  I lived in Richmond when Lindy first opened his shop.


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1 hour ago, hamerhead said:

That wouldn't happen to be chambered, would it?

It is not.  The fully loaded body weighs 6lbs. 6 oz.

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1 hour ago, Keoghpjk said:

Tell me more about the flamey-maple one second from the right...

That one is a Warmoth vintage/modern, currently mounted on a Sherwood green Tele body.






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