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This looks be a tweed Deluxe with Trem....a Tremolux, if you will, with some circuit differences. I love amps like this.

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On 1/1/2021 at 6:43 PM, Pieman said:

Are these any good?   From Searsr?

Read these, then you be the judge:



BTW, the second article asks the question: "Is this a poor man's Deluxe?", then the writer goes on in the article to pretty much answer it with no.  No mention of a "Death Cap" in the second article that I can find, either...but the first article does.  And don't forget, a cool-looking vintage original particle-board cabinet is still a particle-board cabinet. 

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On 1/2/2021 at 6:24 AM, cynic said:

I believe @gorch has one?  Maybe he’ll chime in. 

Thanks @cynic, I still have mine and love it. It‘s still all original. Although the speaker is still physically existing and working, the paperboard had its time. So, I split the speaker cable and added a jack connector in between to run it with other speakers or cabinets. Now the sound is superb. I would put it in between a Marshall and a Fender Blackface amp. Although, I‘m not really good at classifying. It quite easily creates a singing lead sound and rocks, but also can be mild and jazzy. In the house, I‘m using it on a Weber minimass mostly since 12 Watts alone would break the peace in the long run. It used to be my goto amp for a guitar duo the other year as it is light weight and easy to handle. No need to change tubes yet.

Buy and try if you can. If you don‘t care for shiny bootique cabinets, but for a working item creating great sound, you‘d be awarded with a great amp. I wonder it not circuit copied in the boutique field that much.

Let us know when you got one.

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