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No affiliation whatsoever. Local Craigslist ads today:

  • 70's Princeton Reverb blackface combo
  • Allen Sweet Spot combo
  • Victoria Double Deluxe combo
  • Valve Train Trenton combo
  • Original Fender Super Reverb head
  • Fuchs ODS head

These are all on the Ft. Myers search list in Collier County

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51 minutes ago, rugby1970 said:

There's also a Nash E-63 Esquire for sale. Again, no affiliation.


If I could get past my block of paying for a relic’d guitar i might be all over that. Love the idea of getting a new guitar that feels broken in, but would rather have it look broken in because I did it...

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1 hour ago, miragejake said:

Dang man...pretty decent gear for CL.  I'm just north of you in St. Pete and it's nothing but cheap junk on the Tampa area CL.  I've stopped even looking b/c it's a waste of time. 

I don't know what is causing this influx of good gear in my area but it's quite unusual. Is it the economy, unemployment, Covid?

If anyone needs an eyeball on this stuff let me know.

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