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Sure, Reverb prices are going crazy, but this guy in Japan was originally asking over $100 USD for three Strat knobs??  Surely, only a knob himself would pay that much?

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This reminds me to thank the HFCer who volunteered a set of period- and model-correct knobs for a TLE that i acquired with utterly horrid replacements. I’ve not forgotten your kindness and generosity!

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The sum of the parts is more than the whole, right?

People part things out to make money.  I have a receiver I'm fixing, and it's missing a few buttons on its faceplate.  I found someone on Ebay with the faceplate, also missing some buttons, and a whole bunch of other parts, from the same receiver. He's asking more for the faceplate than I paid for my receiver.  No thanks.

At $100 for 3 knobs, he probably won't sell.

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Anybody remember the guy who was trying to sell mid-late '80's plastic Hamer knobs several years ago on Ebay, for roughly the same price?  The reaction here on the HFC was much the same.  I can't remember if it was for one or for a full set of three, though.

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