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Giant of Jazz CHICK COREA Passes

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The Chick Corea Elektric Band done some interesting stuff. I particularly liked a funky (live) early VH1 video of a song on which John Patatucci was thumb poppin' the bjeezus outta his bass. Sadly, I can't recall the title at present. 

A lotta fine players went thru the ranks of Corea bands over the years.  He inspired not only listeners, but his charges as well. That's a decent legacy.

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Loved his piano work.  And that he kept that great bahstan accent throughout his life.  It was news to me he was in a cult/scientology though.

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The most divisive collection of music in the whole house:


I love it; wife hates it.  No, hate isn't a strong enough word.  Great to break out when she's not around... or, when I just feel like poking the bear...

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3 minutes ago, 79Sunburst said:

I always confused the names of Chick And Ry Cooder. Probably has something to do with my time in Seoul.

I always confused Ry Cooder with the mechanic on Dukes of Hazzard.

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