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New Old Stock Special P90 find

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Pictured below is a surprise find in an italian store that usually deals very upscale stuff (Lesters, Hubers, Fender CS, etc).

Owner looks at me, winks and says - you're the Hamer nut, right? Been posting pics of those Explorers (sic) and stuff - huh? What about this one..?

He pulls out a dusty Hamer case, flips the lid - and lo and behold here's a P90 special, virtually in new unplayed condition, with the original University Drive warranty card, small Hamer logo tuners, not one sign of metal patina / aging, no hameritis, no checking.

Sho' nuff took her home.

Wasn't cheap - guess I'm paying the price for having pushed the Hamer name around quite a bit for the past 2 years (and yes - italian guitarists are rediscovering the H name once again!!) ... the equivalent - adjusted for import taxes + shipping - of $700.

Out went the original SDs (sorry Seymour - they really sucked) in went a set of Lollar P90s.

And now - this baby ROCKS...sweet lord, does she rock!!

Happy sunday, everyone :D


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That is as schweet as a horses nutsack!

You scored! And if it's dead mint I'd say 700 is not expensive either.

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Is that TV Yellow or some other color. Usually TVY looks disgusting to me, but that doesn't look so bad :D.

Dunno really.

Store owner insists it was "white" (poss. BS IMHO) but then mutated to this tone of butter-cream-yellow.

It's ok I guess...not my firstest choice :D , but then again you just can't walk into a place over here and find the whole catalogue of NOS Hamers just hanging there.

But the Tone just beats any consideration over color, so....... :D


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Forgot to ask bro, does it have the thin neck or medium neck? 93`s go both ways. Jack.

on my 10 inch handspan scale I'd call it a medium...definitely not skinny.

To me "regular" would mean a '59 Lester neck - a fact which puts most smaller necks in the "electric mandolin" category :D

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