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Interesting N(U)GD...Framus Spitfire Custom

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I've sold a lot more guitars than I've bought lately, as people seem to be on a buying rampage. It's like the early 00s again, where I'm actually flipping old instruments for a profit. Crazy times. Anyway, I have I think three more to sell, so I'll then be down to six keepers (two acoustic, four electric).

It had been just three "keeper" electrics but last week I found this on the Guitar Center site. Framus fly so far under the radar in the US they might as well not exist, and the resale... well, you might as well give them away. But this looked good, 45 days to try, so for under a thousand bucks I got...

  • Literally NOS condition. Not a smudge on it.
  • Made in Germany, in the custom shop. Immaculate.
  • American swamp ash body, chambered, with figured maple top, natural maple scraped binding.
  • Little touches like brass inserts for the pickups to screw into are cool.
  • Very shiny but thin-seeming finish (looked thin when I took the control cavity off, with its cool snap-off design)
  • Very flamey neck with 1.7" nut width, PLEK'd frets, barely-there wax/oil finish
  • Locking German-made tuners.
  • A pretty heavy-duty Wilkinson-made vibrato with push-in arm
  • JB trembucker and SSL-1 pickups with a push-pull coil tap on the volume.
  • Heavy duty hard case.

It's light. It's so very red. It sounds badass, versatile the way a super-Strat should. It cost less than a new Indonesian-made guitar. If you run across a German-made Framus, give it a try.





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Definitely undervalued.  Looks like a seriously nice score--congrats.  Having said that, it's a bit of a butterface with that headstock.

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2 hours ago, polara said:

I kind of like the Gumby headstock. It’s functional fer shure…

No doubt. Methinks you did well on this acquisition.

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