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RIP Mark Lanegan

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50 minutes ago, G Man said:

Major bummer, he is one of my favorite vocalists, I love his work with Greg Dulli in the Gutter Twins, as well as his many other projects.  RIP 



Love the Gutter Twins. I'm trying to find a high res download of the Adorata EP. I don't have it.

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One of my favs.  His stuff was always the best on the QOTSA albums in my opinion, Dust is a horribly underrated album, and his solo work has some absolute gems. 

I’m really going to miss Mark Lanegan being out there somewhere on the fringe making it a little cooler. 

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"Nearly Lost You" was one of my favorite tunes to play when I got home from 9th grade and had the house to myself. Plug in, turn up, and jump around like a one-man moshpit. It was also the first song I felt comfortable singing while playing - though I never did it for an audience. His body of work is truly impressive, and its iinfluence on others is so underestimated. We will miss you, Mark!    

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1 hour ago, tommy p said:

My old band did this one and a couple of other Screaming Trees songs.  I always dug his voice.  I hope it wasn't drug-related.

I'm thinking it may be COVID-related, not necessarily the virus itself but what it did to him overall. It nearly killed him about a year ago. He wrote a book about it. 

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