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Valvetech VAC25 manual

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Hi, all.  Anyone have a copy of this manual?  I have asked the builder for one (and had it serviced by him) but had no response for some time, so hope someone has copy they would be willing to share, please.  Would be most apprecaited.


My amp is apparently one of the earlier ones.  Shipped to me by a fool who did not pack it remotely well, damaged and mishandled by the shipper, but with a little effort it seems to be working just fine (and as I said all up to date and serviced).  For just a few knobs it is pretty complex, lots in there, so a cheat sheet would be helpful.  So far kinda just like the basic channel 1 input fairly cranked w the second channel all the way down, but there is a lot more in there.


Thanks very much.



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Try to PM @belgian. He‘s having several of these and might have documentation. I’d be willing to check my files after vacation. Possibly would need a reminder for that. I remember there was a webpage available at times. Maybe Google archives still have these.

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@stedgeI have one somewhere. Rodi sent it to me with the Vac. What a freaking incredible amp. I just got mine back from Rob Pierce (the builder) who brought it up to 2022 specs. Enhanced grounding, a tweak to the reverb, but most importantly, he redid the boost circuit to make it tight and plexi-like instead of the fuzzy sludge direction it went in previously, if turned up too much. He made the best amp I ever have owned even better.

PM your phone and I’ll try to find the manual. I can send you pics as my scanner is dead.

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