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1 hour ago, Steve Haynie said:

Can you give us a description of what we are supposed to be reading?  Some of us are not signed up with Facebook. 

Sorry.  They are going to be releasing a new album. 

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I have always dUg Kings X. 

Visually, sonically, and emotionally a very interesting band.   I don't expect a revival of Kings X or anything earth shaking from them.  Jerry Gaskills health has been a real issue for them performing.   I have seen them 3  or 4 times.  The past couple of years have been cancellations so ...I'll wait to the night of to catch them.

They really, really appreciate their fan base.  They don't leave till the janitors lock the door.

If you haven't seen them before live, well worth the effort. 


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Thanks for sharing. What a voice! I always loved his bass sound too and this is a very interesting dark sounding song. I will check out this record, thanks again I looove this band and hope to see them finally here in Germany. 

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