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New (To Me) 'Partscaster' Incoming

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Snagged this today from DGS Milwaukee...I haven't played a Strat in a long time, and not through any of the amps I have currently, so my expectations are kinda wide open.  It seems like a good candidate to fill a gear 'deficit' in my gear closet as any, if not having a Strat is a 'deficit'.  :rolleyes:  I've seen online in reviews that the '69 CS RI PUs tend to be clean and bright-sounding but sound good with stompbox distortion pedals and gain-y amps, so I guess I'll find out one way or the other, or maybe both:


P.S. I've never used a Strat with an old-fashioned three-way PU switch either, so that might be an interesting experience too, balancing the 'in-between' positions like they used to.  Or I can always install a five-way switch instead, if I don't like it.

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I just tried to upload a copy of one of the DGS photos to Imgur, but had no luck for some reason.  Apparently, DGS no longer keeps the listings up for long once the guitar's been sold (or at least not until they get paid for it).  Not that the guitar's much to look at, it's a recent assembly within the last year, it's got a Fender '60's Classic replacement alder Strat body in black, a Fender '70's Classic replacement Strat neck with maple fretboard, white pickguard with white-covered '69 CS Strat PUs, chrome hardware, and a Callaham 'Vintage S' trem bridge assembly.  I will attempt to take new photos and post here once it arrives next week.  Sorry for the delay! :(

P.S.  Weird thing about the body and neck, Fender sells these new on their website (they're MIM) and calls them 'Classic Series', even though 'Classic Series' guitars became 'Vintera' about five years ago.  Go figure.

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