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1990 Californian Elite, $3300-, SF CL (N/A)

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I recall that it had a Schaller logo’d trem last time.


However, I have a Hamer I imported from Japan and it had a Schaller logo’d Schaller on it.


There are a few others for sale again in Japan - and some of those have Schaller logo’d floyds.


Maybe that’s a thing with Hamers sold to that market?

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It's chrome and stamped schaller, The original would have been black. Looks like a mix of chrome and black or possibly all black saddles as well...so..the saddles might be original to the black trem ...oh nevermind..I'm done...lol!! :)

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On 9/10/2022 at 11:32 AM, Bennyboy-UK said:

That one was sold in Japan about to 18 months ago I think - looks its its resurfaced!

I've seen that for sale on Reverb and the new seller never bothered to take new pictures. 

I was going to say something about living in a tent, Fentanyl and open air bathrooms but chose not to.

Only because seller is from San Francisco. 

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