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My first Hamer, on the way :) So pumped!


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Oooh the old Scarab and a good one! I loved this shape years ago but somehow like Exporers more now! Maybe I got older :P

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Congrats on your first USA Hamer. 

The Scarab is a great choice, I  have always liked guitars shaped like objects your mother told you not to run with. 

USA Hamers are like Lays Potato Chips, no buddy can stop at just one. 

Look forward to the Tone Report. 

Best wishes,


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Thank you guys so much, I will definitely post a tone/hands on report when it shows up; have fresh strings waiting!

I am anticipating being blown away, love the Lay's potato chip analogy, I can tell that that's the way it's going to go! Hopefully I can find a standard for less than 10,000 LOL

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2 hours ago, Cboss said:

A question on the string clamp, I haven't had one of these before.. are you supposed to get your strings to pitch using the tuners, clamp this down then leave it and make all future pitch adjustments with the fine tuners on the tremelo?

and you want the bridge fine tuners at about the middle of their adjustment when you clamp the nut. My Kahler has grown on me over the years, I like those now.

I keep remembering an ice-pearl Scarab I should have bought about 20-25 years ago.  Congrats!

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