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A video popped up this morning that brought me back to 1973. I  then had one of these and sold it for enough to cover 40% of the down payment of my first house. Of course that was closing in on 5 decades ago......

Strangely enough, the one I had came with the (more typical) 6 on a side tuners and Bigsby(!) With the long scale on the guitar and that set up, I had to scout around for high E strings long enough to work.

A little bit of a strange choice for an "Artist" model, but I guess it made sense to Gibson in the "folk era".

I wonder where it is today.....


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Ain't that a Barney Kessel Trini's playing? 3 + 3 crown headstock, only one toggle switch, double parallelogram inlay, standard f-holes, standard pickguard. Note the tailpiece as well whenever it gets into the picture.


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Hey Willie...You got me there. Best I not post until after that first cup of coffee kicks in!

Yes, you are right......That video shows as being from 1963, If the 'net is to be believed, Gibson decided to make his own signature model (actually 2, the other being a modified 335) based upon his rising success. Probably inspired by his use of that Barney Kessel. In any event,  the Trini Lopez was not released until 1964, after that video was captured.

FWIW, I recall the Kessel model achieving a blip in popularity in the late 60s thanks to Gene Cornish of the Young Rascals. A friend of mine got a job (temporarily)  in the then top cover band in Oregon---On the condition that he buy a Barney Kessel guitar to fit the image. And the whole band had to have matching Bruce (amps). Those were huge solid state amps that disappeared from the market after a couple years. Probably for good reason.


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