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MF Stupid Deal of the Day - Nobels ODR-1 Limited Edition Overdrive

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Musicians Friend Tuesday 10/18 "Stupid Deal of the Day". 
Nobels ODR-1 Limited Edition Natural OVERDRIVE Effects Pedal Metallic Green.
These are highly rated and loved.

$99. Great deal!

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 6.41.34 AM.png

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4 hours ago, Dutchman said:

It said for open box only, sheesh... how many open boxes could there have been? Great pedal, horseshit deal....

There are a few shops selling "open box" or "b stock" to get around minimum advertised price restrictions. I've gotten a few "open box" guitars that were still in the factory packaging.

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At first, I thought, "I need another overdrive pedal like I need a kick in the balls!"  Especially, one made in China.  (Please do not get your undershorts in a knot.  Sure, there is some decent stuff coming out of China, but there is also a lot of junk.  I have read online that the ODR-1 was inconsistent in quality.)

Anyway, "thanks" to the links provided by JGale,  I discovered that the original builder, Kai Tachibana, has a new, updated version of the ODR-1, under his own brand, Nordland, and it is handmade in Germany.  It now has a compression control and.a low-cut control.  I currently have one on the way!


Black or green, whichever, you like, and there is even a compact version for those of you obsessed with pedalboard real-estate.  With my colossal size 16 feet, I prefer the bigger pedals anyway.  Who is with me?   



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