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Marsh Amplification Springfield Reverb Amp For Sale - possible trade - PRICE DROP

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At 70 yo I've given up the ghost about playing out here in FL. I can get along just fine with my Sock Monkey and ChocoDawg (thanks to you all!). This amp is basically brand new, never played out and just rips. It's a base 2x10 Springfield Reverb Combo upgraded with vibrato, Weber Alnico blue speakers and the Buffalo mod, a 50’s era Tweed circuit. One year old, never played out, speakers are broken in, original tubes with only break-in hours on them. Comes with factory cover and upgraded rubber feet.

Paid $1,867 one year ago. Asking $1400 here. I'd prefer not to ship this one as it would be fairly expensive but........ I'd consider a trade for certain guitars.

From the builder:

Marsh 210 Springfield Reverb Combo 40-watt Amp. These are great reproductions of the 1965 Black AA964. This is that amp circuit that made it big in Jazz Clubs all over the world!!! With its full warm tones and great tube spring reverb design it's easy to understand why the originals now sell for $2,500-$3,500 if you can find one at all. Jazz, Country and Blues guitarists love the tone and portability of the Springfield Reverb. At 40 Watts this 210 combo is the perfect gigging amp!!! As always only high-quality components are used throughout. The stock amp is equipped with two Jensen C10Q Ceramic speakers, but several speaker options are available. Like all Marsh Amp Replicas, these are made to order and have a 6-week lead time.

The Buffalo Mod can be added to all our two channel blackface models. We replace the normal a channel with a 50's era tweed circuit with a Volume, Tone and Master which allows you to dial in tweed mid-rich blues edge or full on deluxe like crunch.

Thanks for looking.

20221020_151915 (640x475).jpg

20221020_151923 (640x640).jpg

20221020_151927 (640x640).jpg

20221020_151930 (640x640).jpg

20221020_152143 (640x640).jpg

20221020_152147 (640x640).jpg

20221020_152152 (640x640).jpg

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Shipping, PRICE DROP TO $1400
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On 10/26/2022 at 4:22 AM, Dutchman said:

Very nice amp. For those that don't know the AA964 circuit is what you'll find in a 64-65 Princeton amp. Beautiful tone!!


On 10/26/2022 at 5:14 PM, hamerican gigolo said:

I think this amp is based on a BF Vibrolux Reverb... 😎


On 10/26/2022 at 6:23 PM, Dutchman said:

Yep, same circuit. Just more stuff. 


Just to mention, the AA964 Vibrolux Reverb circuit and the AA964 Princeton circuit are two different animals, and very different from each other:



Fender as a company was constantly tweaking the circuits on the amp line back when the Blackface amp line was being manufactured, and there was a total of three different Blackface era schematics/numbers assigned for the Blackface-era Vibrolux Reverb circuit, see the 'Production Years' info found just under the photos on the top of this website:


Here's the Marsh catalog listing and description for their Springfield Reverb amp, my guess is that they chose to build the amp circuit they thought sounded best:


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  • rugby1970 changed the title to Marsh Amplification Springfield Reverb Amp For Sale - possible trade - PRICE DROP

Dudes…. This is a great price for this amp with those mods. Build quality is top notch. Somebody please buy this. You won’t be disappointed. 

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