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Another damn NGD (MIJ goodness)


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After I returned the Guild Bluesbird with the funky neck, I kept one eye open for another humbucker-y kind of guitar, in a “well, don’t need one but..” way. 

This came up on Craigslist and I replied… apparently right before a flurry of other replies. A 2011 Tokai Love Rock LS98F (F for flame top) with three tiny nicks on one edge and otherwise immaculate. At a (cough) very nice price. 

Made in Japan. Top is veneer over solid maple, two-piece mahogany back, one-piece mahogany neck. Bone nut, vintage-style Gotoh tuners, medium frets, big 50s neck. 

it is awesome. After a week I’m still in love. Very clear low-output pickups, mad low action, just so fun to play, and the nut was cut well enough to stay in tune after crazy bends. October was the best acquisition month ever, between this and the Prototype! 


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1 hour ago, Jimbilly said:

here's the tag that came in the case with mine, list price was about $400 USD?, I can see why it sold at half price!

tokai sale tag.JPG

That's nuts!


I love how the model names on many MIJ guitars are based on the number representing thousands of yen in "list" price (which never seems to be retail price). An LC60 one year might be a "Les Paul Custom) with a list of 60,000 but with inflation the same guitar tin ten years might now be the LC90...

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