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Replacing a Hamer/Schaller/Floyd Rose for 1991 Hamer USA Californian - Help

Jon C


Sorry if this is a repeat....

I need help selecting a replacement tremolo for the above.  Three of the holes where the screws fasten the saddles have stripped out.  They lose grip and the saddle slides forward.  I believe it had this problem when I bought it recently, but showed up when I put thicker strings on it.  The plate seems to be made out of softer metal than the screws (brass?...it is black; so not sure).  The screws seem to be fine and grip nicely in the secondary holes closer to the bridge end....but that causes intonation issues as the travel of the saddle is too limited going toward the neck.

That said, does anyone know the model number or other helpful information for a new or used trem that would lead me to the right one?  I am assuming I will not find an unattached, black, 1991 Hamer/Schaller/Floyd as a direct replacement.  I see several Schaller/Floyd on Reverb that had different model numbers....want to make sure I get the right one.

If someone has a clever idea that addresses the stripped holes, I'd love to hear it.  Again, the screw threads seem okay.

Thanks in advance.


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sometimes the screw threads get just a little worn and don't hold the block solidly.  I've installed some fresh new screws and that's helped a couple of times (it's a pretty standard problem on those Schallers - the newer ones had a replaceable nut that you could know out of the baseplate and swap. if you can find one of those baseplates it's probably the best solution).  let me check the parts pile and see if i can find some new screws (mcmaster-carr sells them in boxes of 100) and if i can find some I'll drop a few sets in the mail to you.  problem is i always buy a box of 100, use a dozen or two then misplace the rest then reorder and do the same thing all over again lol...

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