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Warm Audio Jet Phaser blowout $99 brand new

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I used to have the Roland Jet Phaser which I sold to buy other gear, but I just picked up this recreation today.  Get your 1970s on!




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Warning!  I placed an order on Friday through the linked Reverb ad. At the time there were 2 units in stock according to the listing. I received the following message from the seller today:


Thank you for your order and we appreciate your business. Although we try our best to maintain 100% accuracy with inventory, there are still rare occasions where we experience an inventory error. An example would be when two customers buy the same item at around the same time on two different places. We regret to inform you that we are currently out of stock of the item you purchased. We have contacted the manufacturer regarding your order and expect to hear back shortly with availability and have every intention to expedite your order once the product is received. In the meantime our sales staff would be happy to speak with you regarding your order and to see if there may be other alternatives to your original purchase. As always, we are also happy to refund you in full as well.

Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. Look forward to hearing from you. Pit Bull Audio



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Apparently they do not if Prime delivery is two weeks out.

I'm going to let it ride and see if they come through.  It's not like a Jet Phaser is an essential item.  I would expect more from Muse's muse however.

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10 hours ago, alantig said:

This deal is available at other retailers as well.  I've seen it at Zzounds and Sweetwater.

Yep, Warm Audio has been doing specials on various gear over the past year.

I have the Warm WA73-EQ Preamp and it's great.  I figured the pedals would be great recreations as well as all their other products.

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