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16 minutes ago, topekatj said:

A Gibson L-4 C I believe, twin brother to the ES-175 but has a (solid?) spruce top Vs. the ES pressed maple top. Always wanted to try one, bet it sits nicely on the lap.

Yes, solid spruce top.  I've played them, but never found a good one to buy.  They are, actually, really rare.  But not much use to modern players.  I guess I'm not "modern" anymore!

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I do really like that L-4!  I think it looks cooler than an ES-175, since the top is spruce and doesn't have PUs and knobs to clutter the top.  B) If you wanna get amplified, all you'd need is a floating pickup like an old DeArmond Rhythm Chief or a modern equivalent, that you could mount on the guitar with little (if any) modifications.

Ain't nuthin' wrong with any gear that some players might think is an anachronism...I keep a couple of '50's vintage lap steels handy for "playing" (I'm not great at it, but it satisfies that occasional obnoxious urge to try :rolleyes:), plus it gives me a legitimate reason to watch Spongebob.  For lap steel ideas, of course: :P

Jeremy Wakefield: SpongeBob's Stellar Steel Support - Zero to 180 - Three Minute Magic

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