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Found 2 results

  1. Keeley Halo dual delay pedal in the "Andy Apple Red" finish. Awesome delay sounds built-in and super tweakable to build your own presets. Like-new condition in original box, including the manual and Keeley sticker. Home use only, never gigged. $240 Paypal, including shipping to CONUS. Will ship elsewhere, just PM me for rates.
  2. Full Disclosures - Fanboi Alert Mode - On - I get nausea around pedals, not only are the technical values above my pay grade, every-time I get one, I find they are a "one trick pony" (okay some are two and three trick ponies) or worse they don't even deliver the sound I was looking for to begin with. - analog tape delay is what by ears were used to back in the day. So remember that when evaluating this pedal. https://robertkeeley.com/product/halo So last late yesterday afternoon, I decided to brave the Texas heat and drive to the Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas for a personal, front row seat, inspection, with a Q&A session with Andy Timmons, Robert Keeley, and Aaron from Keeley Electronics regarding their latest pedal; The Halo AT Signature Dual Echo Pedal. Beside the obvious reasons, there was a bonus, the give away one winner only for one Halo AT Signature Dual Echo Pedal. I called Guitar Greg and told him to get his ass down there as there was only about 25 people there at that time so the odds were better than playing the lottery one of us would win the one pedal. By the time he arrived the "crowd" was about 50 people so still great odds! Back to the pedal - the development of this pedal is obviously not from scratch as Robert Keeley is one of the OG of boutique pedal mod/makers. Keeley has made several mods on the older Boss Pedals that were/are quite popular. The website link above has a ton of videos and reviews regarding the pedal. For the 5 players who care Timmons has moved from the Electro Harmonix (2) Memory Man setups, to the Strymon Timeline and Blue Sky Reverbator combination to (for the time being) (1) one Halo. So, reducing the real estate on the pedal board and the price of any acquisitions of PAS (PAS GAS get it) a new pedal that might, (I said might) delivered and met expectations was of some interest. (okay not really I just wanted to see Andy play) If you are covering any of Andy Timmons tunes, the first preset is Andy's. It's there programmed in and you don't have to have a secret handshake or know a guy in Kenosha, Wisconsin to know what that patch is. You get his Dual Echo. That didn't happen with the previous options. There is a Rockman setting which sounded at first blush, very very close to a vintage Tom Sholz Rockman. (Some guy who was there said he had a vintage X100 and stated he thought the setting was spot on. The options on the pedal are like others, more than I will ever figure out or use. Andy performed the old surf song Apache which the vintage reverb tank wet spongy sound was extremely good. The modulation and saturation was definitely there as he played two songs from this latest effort "Electric Truth" as well as his signature closure "Cry For You" On compression, Timmons has the Carl Martin Compressor - on all the time. It is a key signature sound in his overall tone. So I can't tell you the compression feature of the Halo was that impressive. Overall, I really really dug the pedal. Love the two delays and the settings for the time and feedback. The MSRP of this pedal is $299. The Strymon Timeline is MSRP of $499 and the Big Sky MSRP is $299. A Vintage Rockman X100 ranges from $200 - $350 depending upon condition. Hmmmm....I can now (ahem) can justify not spending over a $1,100 by buying only one pedal for $299 plus tax. Think of the savings! I even with that logic I didn't buy one. First thing Mrs. Hamerica asked me is so did you win the pedal? I told her unfortunately no, neither Guitar Greg or I won the pedal even with those odds. The guy who did win the pedal bought on about 30 minutes before the show started. Then, my wife said she bought some new shoes....looks like I'm getting a new pedal. Hamerica
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