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Found 2 results

  1. I'm in the SF-Bay area. Got this from BCR back around 2006 I think. It's a player, lots of battle scars. When I got it from BCR, they said that it had period correct pickups in it, but not original. Phase switch was there when I got it, actually pretty useful, so I left it. That is the original case there in the linked online photo gallery, beat to heck, stripped to the wood, but I think its state is appropriate to the guitar. I also have an SKB gig bag, which is very sturdy and has a lot of hard structure to it and is very protective. Priced at $4000 See more Pics here:https://photos.app.goo.gl/TYjhbJIGObNrT46a2
  2. The 1983 Blitz: I bought this project, 6x6 Hamer Blitz (I really meant 3X3) from Thorn with a different case. I intended to do some sort of RN/CT checkerboard paint job on it. Clearly, that did not happen. Still a perfect candidate for that sort of thing. It has: The Blitz has now got BOTH factory Hamer pickups and the back cover (thank you Michael) . The correct, factory pickup rings and screws. Correct 3x3 tuners. Factory Floyd Rose with bar. A straight and nice neck, frets are above average with a bunch of life left in them. It needs: NOTHING NOW - to make it rock. The body was rattle-canned black, but they stopped at the neck – so the neck still has the factory finish. Michael might be able to provide more about this Blitz. The Case: The red interior Hamer case came from another guitar, but is period correct for an early Blitz as well as early four digit Standards. It’s got some honest road wear on the outside where the Tolex is gone, but is still very solid with all the latches working correctly. The interior of the case is actually very good to excellent. This would be a great case for an older four digit that need a correct case or a road case. No, I won’t split these two up. If you only want the case - you get to buy them both and sell or fix the Blitz or whatever. I’ll post photos Monday evening (02-18). $750 shipped to your door. CONUS only – no trades. Payment - Cashiers or personal check.
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