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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All: After I sort of threadcrapped on @LucSulla's G&L ASAT FS thread RE: G&L fret sizes I figured I should start a standalone thread... This is a two part quest for info: I really like the size of the frets on both my '97 Daytona and 2004 Jr. -- definitely not jumbo but also larger than 'Fender vintage' frets. As a rule I don't like jumbo frets, especially on a Gibson scale instrument -- there's no room between the upper frets for my stubby fingertips! I am considering (custom) ordering a G&L and would like to specify the fret size closest to the Hamer frets I like. Further, G&L offers variations on their neck shape, width at nut, fingerboard radius, etc. In a perfect world I'd either visit a G&L dealer with examples of the various neck sizes or even the factory, if tours existed. However, neither option is possible right now. I'm inclined to specify a 1-3/4" at nut, 12 " radius, smallest frets available neck from G&L. I've never played a guitar with a V profile neck, so I don't know if I'd like that profile. So the questions are: What are the size of the Hamer frets I like, and if anyone is a G&L expert, which G&L fret size most closely resembles these frets Any input on the varous G&L neck profiles and fingerboard radii would also be appreciated Also paging @Jeff R Thanks!
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