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Found 2 results

  1. 2003 Hamer Standard Custom ('59 burst) I purchased this one in 2016 from a dealer in Sweden and had it shipped to me in Canada. When it arrived, I noticed a stress mark on the heel and a tiny fleck of paint missing to the left of the nut. I took the guitar to my luthier, Dougie, at The Guitar Shack in Calgary who thoroughly examined the guitar. He confirmed it was a finish crack but for peace of mind, he suggested that he inject some highly viscous luthier's glue into the affected area then clamp it down tight for a few days to harden. He then colour-matched the paint perfectly and refinished the two areas (see photos) making it barely noticeable even under flash photography. Very low action, plays amazing with no buzzes and with every note ringing out up and down the fretboard. FFWD a couple of years.... I ordered a set of Gravelin Shlabotnik's and popped them in. Night……….. Day. If you know, you KNOW. Well done, Josh Gravelin! Because of the aforementioned touch-up's, I'm discounting the price accordingly. Comes with OHSC, COA, truss wrench, case key, Hamer hang tag, and warranty card. + + + + + Asking: $4200 USD plus shipping. Shipping To USA: $200 USD (plus optional, but highly recommended insurance @ $2.25 per $100 value) Shipping within Canada: $130 USD (plus optional, but highly recommended insurance @ $2.25 per $100 value) * Shipping via Canada Post / USPS is preferred since both UPS and FedEx charge ridiculously high brokerage / import fees to unsuspecting buyers upon re-entry. Thankfully, due to the guitar having been made in the US, there are no duty fees. State / federal taxes, however, are another story so please be sure to keep that in mind as these are the buyer's responsibility.
  2. Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me gather some info on this Hamer guitar. The model in the registration card says GSPK, and the serial number is 755689. That didn't help me as much as I thought it would, I still couldn't seem to find much out about it.
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