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Found 3 results

  1. More to go! First an Ibanez AM100, the precursor to Gibson's small semi (339, etc). Good condition, dings here and there, non original SKB oversized case. $900 plus shipping. Second, a Hamer Vanguard/Artist P90 Semi. Great condition with the exception of the cymbal/soldering iron rash on the head stock. Not sure what happened, it was before my time. Also, finish cracks at the nut. Includes a great TKL hard case with silk shield. Beautiful playing and tone. $800 plus shipping. Third, a Studio archtop with tonepros wraptail. Locking Schallers. Beautiful flame top, The only issue is a ding on the fretboard that was filled with cyanoacrylate & rosewood dust. It rings like a bell. Still don't want to sell. Includes an import Hamer case. $900 plus shipping. Fourth, a Gibson LP DC Goldtop. Definitely players condition, crazing on the finish, dings here and there. Frets are in surprisingly good condition. Includes Gibson case with silk shield. $900 plus shipping. PP plus shipping, F&F. US only, sorry to our international friends. Damn the CITES!!! Here are the CL links with full pics: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/6725375585.html https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/6725378550.html https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/6698070850.html https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/6725376673.html
  2. The gear reduction continues... We have: A '96 Mirage II in tobacco burst- Maple top. It's beautiful and plays as such. Some pretty amazing pizza day prints on the neck joint, and a small amount of pick wear on the top- could be buffed out. $OLD + shipping. Then: A '97 Phantom Custom in Orange, basically excellent condition. It does have Hameritis at the neck joint. Some minor worming on the back (hard to photograph). $OLD+ shipping. Lastly: An '81 Aria Pro II Leopard Les Paul copy with the right headstock and tons of tone/vibe. Includes a Tokai lifton case copy that has the covering coming up in a number of places, it could be reglued back down, if you're crafty. A little fretwear in the first 5 frets, but the action can get really low and not buzz. I think that the fretboard is Brazilian, very dark and tight grain. Some of these were photo flames, and I think this is one- however the top is all maple and the tenon is a longer one. $OLD+ shipping. Let me know or make some offers.
  3. Everything is pretty much brand new. I bought these things and they never got used. They're mint or near mint unless stated (i.e. the Strat). More pics can be provided upon request. Offers entertained, but no trades please. 1. 2005 Fender USA Deluxe Ash Strat. Gorgeous ash body in cherry sunburst. It plays great and feels so broken into. There are some cosmetic dings and paint chips, and frets show light to moderate amount of wear on cowboy chord areas. They still have a ton of life left on them and you won't need to replace them any time soon. $850US shipped in North America. 4. Lace Dually, Gold/Gold. $80US shipped N.A. EB061787 by David Chau, on Flickr EB061793 by David Chau, on Flickr EB061791 by David Chau, on Flickr EA201756 by David Chau, on Flickr EA201757 by David Chau, on Flickr