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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, at extreme risk of revealing the depths of my depravity, I am going to post a couple of things. Why? well, I am approaching a major (read big round) age milestone. Sooner or later someone is going to deal with a whole buncha stuff when I am gone. So, I keep trying to scale back. It is NEVER a straight line. I HAVE sold many guitars lately. These two have attracted the attention of one repeat buyer (five guitars last week). My guess is that, if he buys these as well, they may soon be headed off to some collector's vault in Asia. (No, not Japan). So, why not at least post an alert? And, yes, I know they are way over the top in just about every possible way, including the price......Let me say, for perspective, I have had a lot of pretty nice guitars. Any many that were too fancy for many people. I have always liked working with wood, in my barely talented amateurish way, and so I appreciate it when people more talented than myself do add something of an "artistic touch" to their work. Even if some others think it is way too indulgent. I have never been afraid to play any instrument I have ever owned. I WILL say that these two do "intimidate me" just a little. First is a 2013 Private Stock DC-245. Which means a doublecut guitar with a 24.5" scale. Sort of a predecessor to the 594 series. In a "Zombie Skin Stage 1" finish. EI rosewood neck, Madagascar rosewood board, African Mahogany body and quilted maple top. Pickups are, IMO, one of the best combinations of the "PAF" flavor pickups, with a 57/08 neck and 59/09 bridge. It has the usual "McCarty" type electronics, with a push/pull coil split. RW buttons and locking tuners. Also somewhat unique, and apparently no longer even available.....The inlays and side dots are genuine ivory......Legal, as they are mammoth ivory. Mammoths are extinct, NOT endangered. The centers of the inlays are "leopard skin". Obviously, a natural stone type of material NOT animal parts! Topped off with a Private Stock leather hard case. It dates to 2013 (I am the second owner, as best I know) and it does have the original certificate. Does the ivory and such contribute to greater tone? Of course not. But the combination of woods, IMO, does make it a great sounding guitar, with that extra bit of "hi fi" or "grand piano" character I like from a rosewood neck. I did post it locally for $5950. I believe my Oriental buyer will be back in town later this week, wanting to look at both this and the other (to follow). In the meantime, I will just mention it here in the event anyone knows anyone more stateside. Otherwise, feel free to check out my lousy attempt at picture taking......Or decry the notion that people should actually pay such STOOPID amounts for a guitar, if that is your preference. What can I say? Not everything I do is completely rational. As is even more obvious when I consider what I paid.
  2. So, the purge continues.....You might not be surprised that, when I find I like electric guitars with acoustic (piezo) flexibility, I just might overdo it. Judge for yourself....... First, a "rather unique" Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody II. You will either love or hate the color. This one is an "Artist Package", which is a cut below the high end Private Stocks, but not necessarily a lot. A "better than 10 top" AND back. The Hollowbody model really is that. It is NOT a semi-hollow, having only posts underneath the bridge. This is a more recent version.....A BIG improvement over the originals (I had an original 1999). Better finish (eliminates the thick glop), 57/08 pickups rather than "Archtop" and upgraded piezo. A bit less toward "jazz", a bit more usable for live rock. A relatively smaller body, making it very comfortable for performing. IMO, PRS has just about the best switching system I have found for separating/blending electric and "acoustic" sounds......Separate amps, or combine into a single amp with a single mono cord. Note that, unlike many PRSi. there is no pickup splitting. OHSC (a good one!) and the guitar is as near to mint as you are likely to find. Let me ask for $3900. None more Bonnie Pink! Second, another PRS, this stepping up to Private Stock quality. It is a DC-245, meaning a shorter (Gibson-like) scale. It has 59/09 pickups, which are the second iteration of "PAF replicas" from PRS. As the name implies (1959) they are just a touch hotter than the first (57/08s). This one has a 5 way switch which expands the sound options with 2 split pickup options. The Tiger Eye finish is one of my all time favorites (similar to three Hamer Talladegas I had). And applying it over a lovely quit top makes it all the better. Comes with the typical Private Stock Leather HSC.....Very sturdy and HEAVY. It has essentially the same electronics as the HB II, except for the added versatility of coil splits. And the hotter pups with the excellent solid body setup do make it the more aggressive of the two. I bought this new and it is in near mint condition. Asking $4900. Finally, something a bit off the beaten track. Around about 2008-2009, a company back east decided to build guitars. The head of the outfit was actually a college prof and he assembled a group of folks to do this on the side. Did a pretty decent job, too. Here is a link to a review of the guitar that is very favorable (and convinced me to look for one) . https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/Jarrett_Guitars_Zaffiro_XJ_Electric_Guitar_Review So, the "Pink Lady" is gone! Looks something like a potato, no? Or a Les Paul that fell off the Weight Watchers wagon. It IS bigger than a Les Paul it jsut about every way, but chambered and not as heavy as you might think baed upon appearance. One caution, it has a very full neck, so if that turns you off...... There is a bit of history on this one. It was actually first supplied to a guitarist (Christopher Robin, believe it or don't!) to use until they got his "signature" model completed. Once upon a time, I had a picture of him playing it on stage with the Allman Brothers. Those were the days. But I digress. This one is not exactly typical, as it has two separate push/pulls for coil splitting. A mini 3 way switch for choosing magnetic/piezo/both and a separate volume knob for rolling in/out the piezo. A very nice tweed type HSC. I think you will have a hard time finding one like it. Now and then, one pops up, sometimes at a lower price. My only caution is that when they threw in the towel, the leftover parts were sold at auction. I have seen a fair number assembled by someone other than the original folks and the results are often "not so good". I should mention too that the pickups are from the "Duncan Custom Shop". Engraved as "Jarrettbuckers". I find them to be on the moderately hot, not overly so, side. I actually plugged this in last night against my (slightly more costly) Huber Orca 59. IMO, the Zaffiro held it own quite well. Had I not so much stuff, and did not have a CO cooking, I reckon I'd be a bit more careful about letting it go. Let me just throw out $1300 to start. All prices include shipping (CONUS only, sorry), PayPal "friends". Please add fees if necessary. Posting here first, before proceeding to "them udder places" (Like the Farm Journal). For comparison.....
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