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  1. I love being in the HFC! I learn so much from your collective wisdom that I nearly burst with new knowledge and pride!
  2. This is the saddest thread I’ve seen here in a while. Surely there are good Boomer-Californians in Europe somewhere! Why can’t you get one from the US? Many of them with boomerangs have ebony fretboards, so there shouldn’t be CITES issues. Am I missing something?
  3. Hmm - she might be into this one... If only it had boomers we could both be happy!
  4. How on earth is this still here? Is the whole HFC on a guitar diet this year?
  5. My bad. I’ve seen so many broken picture links here I was reluctant to try it - thinking that clicking on the link would get you all of the photos I could jam into my Reverb ad that I know will work. I’m sorry for the offense! I’ll update for price after this.
  6. I’m thinning the herd a bit this year, and this is the first one on the chopping block. I love Floyds, ebony, birds, and 24 frets. Maybe you do too? Naturally, I offer a HFC discount. Just let me know you’re a member if you contact me through reverb. Currently listed at $2200, but I’d go $2000 for HFC members. https://reverb.com/item/6457127-paul-reed-smith-custom-24-floyd-2014-antique-white Thanks for looking!
  7. That is a great idea! I have a white PRS that she loves - I just have to make a full-size “cover” that disguises the KK!
  8. I’m working on talking my wife into letting me get this. It doesn’t currently meet the established color and shape criteria. Which means I’d have to hide it in the basement...
  9. I thought maybe he was slimming his collection by about 350 guitars, which definitely got my attention.
  10. essgee

    Paul Gilbert - guitar teacher?

    They charge per month, with a break in price for paying ahead for a year. The lessons all have tabs and an introductory video by Paul. He shows you what to do and what to watch for if you are having troubles. He says that even if you are an advanced player you should start from the beginning lessons, and I think he is right. You can post a video of your playing that Paul may critique and respond. I never recorded a video (although they really encourage you to do so on some of the lessons). You can review other students’ videos and learn from Paul’s responses to them. I found Paul’s teaching style really appealing and egoless. It was a pleasure to learn from him at ArtistWorks.
  11. essgee

    Paul Gilbert - guitar teacher?

    I was a student of Paul’s through the Artistworks site for two years. I didn’t interact with him personally, but I found his manner and approach very insightful and enjoyable. Many of his lessons seem simpler than they are and I really learned a lot of valuable techniques. I hadn’t taken any lessons in over thirty years, and I’m so glad that I did!
  12. This is very suspicious without boomers. I have one of these flamed maple through-and-throughs and it has boomers. Has anyone seen this combination of elements before?
  13. I feel you. This place is a target rich environment that is constantly triggering me. And yes, I love it although I shouldn’t be looking in the first place to try to control my GAS.
  14. Oh man, I love this thread! I bought my first Cali after searching for the best guitar I could find (in Spokane, WA) for over 3 months. I got a touring gig after that and needed a backup guitar and got a steal on a used RG 560 which killed as a player and it sounded great, but different than the Cali. Much later I auditioned for a slot in a metal band (definitely not fashionable at the time) using my Cali. After a while I noticed that my bandmates reacted a little negatively whenever I switched over to the 560 - which surprised me. I thought it had the juice. But the drummer and the bass player told me that the Ibanez was "okay", but the Hamer was so much better that it just screamed "metal". I gave the Ibanez to my brother. I miss it occasionally for certain things, but the Cali keeps killing. Stonge, you played set-neck Calis? Mine are all bolt-on (which I very strongly prefer).