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  1. Autsch, not good :-( that is a really something a luthier must take care of - AND the seller should pay for a part or all of the repair costs. Not mentioning such a problem is very insincere in my opinion: there have to be at least 100 euros payback or alternatively a very bad rating for him! Aber trotzdem! Du hast jetzt die geilste Gitarre die es gibt. Glückwunsch!
  2. What the seller has to say (Google translated): Top rock guitar, very good sound, fully serviced and tuned to perfection. Ready to play. Hamer USA Sunburst electric guitar, complete and perfectly set up and ready to play.The guitar is technically 100% ok. Various signs of use as visible in the photos. Guitar is delivered incl. transport insurance in suitable packaging. Pick-up on location is possible. - Type: Hamer Sunburst - Grover tuners - Rio Grande Vintage PU Push Pull - 1 humbucker splittable - 22 frets (perfect set string height)
  3. According to http://www.hamerfanclub.com/sunburst.html it may be a long headstock, but I am not sure. Also the neck looks like a one piece, but the photos are not 100 % good enough to judge. edit: you are right, it is a tad shorter, I didnt know that there was so much variation.
  4. No affiliation. Looks like a very nice early one to me (it has a shimmed bridge, no picture of s/n shown in the ad). Pickups are not original, has "interesting" knobs. The seller ships to european countries only. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Hamer-Sunburst-USA-E-Gitarre-/311049853573?pt=Gitarren&hash=item486c041a85
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