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  1. Hi all, I'm sorry if this is easily available information that has been posted somewhere because if it has, I couldn't find it. I'm interested in finding an earlier (1980's - 1990's) Special or Studio but my hands prefer a thinner, slimmer profile neck. Can someone tell me or point me to where I can get a better idea of which models had the slimmer neck and what time frame these existed or when the profiles changed? Here is a Studio which has been discussed here before - it measures .86″ at the first and .93″ at the 12th frets - to you experts, what "shape" or "profile" would you call this is Hamer world? https://reverb.com/item/25806158-hamer-archtop-studio-1995#description-tab Thanks everyone, for the non-Hamer experts, this is sometimes like chasing a ghost.
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