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  1. Really nice guitars and very comfortable to play. Most dealers and players just could not get over the (non traditional) look of the pickup covers.
  2. Absolutely addicting and phenomenal series, I have made a few friends (who really don't like country music) watch it and they have thanked me. As with all Ken Burns work, the history lesson is excellent strong underlying theme is appreciation for the American experience. And yes, Jim Carey would make an excellent George Jones. Speaking of which, I had never seen the Vince Gill/Patty Loveless performance of "Rest High up on That Mountain" at Jones memorial service until watching this documentary. Just seeing that video and knowing it exists was worth it for me. I've watched the clip a number of times since. Amazing.
  3. NP Geoff, I was referring to a few others that had PM'd me a few days ago and I had not replied to yet, that's all. Just wanted to apologize. Thanks!
  4. Sorry for the VERY delayed responses to your PMs (answered now) I was travelling allot this week and pre-occupied with work and family matters. Did not mean to be aloof to anyone. Again, I am sorry.
  5. Trying to take the best possible pics of it I can for you. Not trying to hide anything. "Cellophane tape" on both sides of the neck figerboard where the rosewood slab is ant at the nut, but not on the neck area itself or neck pocket. Annoying as hell, but the only flaws on this one are from the factory and not the result of playing. Can take more if you don't have a good representaion from the pictures. Thanks for looking.
  6. A few more pics. Also, since I'm not a regular here on this board, I can provide a few references most of you would know to vouch for me personally and professionally.
  7. Sorry for the delayed I'll post the serial number and more pics shortly.
  8. Thanks for the Welcome. I actually was a member previously going back to 2008, but then had a login issue that never got resolved so had to create another account.
  9. I have a mid 90s Eclipse in near-mint condition. Rarely sees the light of day. Very minor cellophane tape Hameritis along a few frets. All original. Frets, near original. Very little playing time. Minor tarnish, NOT corrosion, just from sitting in the case so the frets could use a little touch up as well the pickup covers. I would really like to do an in person sale, if possible in the NJ/Philly area and would be willing to drive to meet halfway, etc. Asking $650.00. Includes Original case. Have other picture avail.
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