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  1. Hey Polara great song. If you have not heard other songs from I Am A Rocketship, do yourself a favor and check them out. Great songs, guitar work, and Eric's wife has the voice of an angel. By the way I love the Superpro, glad you like the Ibanez. 😊
  2. Open to trade ideas. Certainly welcome to make an offer as well.
  3. Hey I just got a SuperPro the 1st of this week. Love it so far. The sound is great. Yes I think the stock pickups sound great and I beleive they are the custom custom bridge and custom neck.
  4. Traded: This guitar sounds awesome, I think the cleans especially cannot be beat.This Doheny is in excellent shape no dings or scratches, just a touch of sunlight swirling if anything.Would be open trades of similar value. Either straight across or I can add a few hundred and some quality pickups to sweeten up a deal. Open to ideas on trades. Would also sell for $1,100 obo
  5. Hey Eric sounds like you like the Ibanez which is what I hoped for. Always nice to be on peoples good side. Yes I think you described the Ibanez accurately in my opinion only much more articulately. Thanks for the trade love the SuperPro by the way. Liking it more and more. Getting used to the neck profile but getting the feel of it. The SuperPro sounds like a million bucks. The pickups fit so well. I have decided I will sell or trade my Doheny after all. Will have it posted here shortly. Good to be back in Hamer fold officially.
  6. Traded the Ibanez. Thanks Eric (Polara) a true gentleman. Will keep the Doheny for now. Guitar is crazy fun Appreciate all the outreach from this forum. Good news is that I have gone two years without any Hamer's and that will change soon with a SuperPro on the way.😀
  7. Really leaning towards a trade. Thought I would throw this out one last time to see what comes up.
  8. 2020 bump Still availabe, have had a few more trade offers on another site, but just has not quite materialized. You are welcome to take a 2nd look here 😊
  9. Both great guitars still available. Have had a couple of trade offers. Willing to hear others. Any 335 types, les pauls,or others? Will always think about it anyways.
  10. They are both superb guitars. I just need to plug a hole soundwise in the guitars I already have. That is why I am hoping for a semi/hollow. Also trying to downsize a bit. Thais is why it would be nice to trade both for one. However I will certainly entertain other ideas because I am a horse trader by nature. Would really like something in the es 335 vein if possible. Guild Starfire IV, Heritage 535, etc. will certainly listen to other ideas as well. Could also trade one guitar and add a little cash if it seems good for both parties. Thanks for interest
  11. I have two really nice guitars. An Ibanez AZ2204 prestige MIJ in limited run Gold, and a USA G&L Doheny in rally red. Both in excellent plus shape. The Doheny close to as new condition, perhaps some swirling in the sunlight but have not noticed any. The Ibanez has a small hairline crack in the paint on both sides of the neck pocket purely cosmetic. One about 1/3 width of a dime in length, the other about 2/3 width of a dime (see pics) There is nothing that is into the wood as the pictures of the neck pocket with attest to.I have other pics of the neck pocket if needed.Willing to trade one or both and can add just a little cash as needed depending on the guitar. I am looking primarily for a hollow or semi-hollow humbuckers preferred but would consider other pickups. Also would be tempted by a nice double humbucker set neck guitar. PRS DGT? or others. I am a horse trader by nature so always open to ideas. Cash is also accepted to.AZ2204 $1475Doheny $1200
  12. getting close to a guitar trade. Checking to see if anyone wants to make an offer
  13. Open to different types of Guitars. What do you got? Also open to reasonable cash offers
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