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  1. No I guess he paid less than going USA at $850 but paid too much for Korean. Is it my imagination or might there have been some early USA Hamers that didn't have the "USA" designation on the headstock. I could have sworn I had a very early one that just said Hamer but was obviously early USA. Maybe I made that up in my mind...anyone else ever see that? May have been a prototype too... thank you again for all your help
  2. oh, ps: he wondered about the year. I know you can't get an exact year on the imports, but do the Korean/Chinese imports start around the 90s and go on from there?
  3. My message back to him will run something like this: "Unfortunately, after confirming with some people who really know Hamer guitars, I can say for sure your Hamer was not made in the USA. Probably a Korean made guitar. The "US..." imprint at the tip of your headstock most likely said "USED" and denotes a factory 2nd. USA Hamers usually say USA on the front of the headstock, or after 2000 may have said it on the back but would have come along with a serial number imprinted into the wood." -------------------- Man I feel like about 10 tons of dog crap breaking this to the owner of that guitar. Well, thanks again for all the help. cheers
  4. Ok, thank you. this is what I thought. I just wanted to make sure. any of you folks feel free to read my Hamer entry in the database to see that I got everything correct as well. thanks again.
  5. Hi guys, I've got a serial number database I maintain at https://www.stillkickinmusic.com/blogs/still-kickin-blog/the-serial-bowl This forum was very helpful to me when I was doing the entry on Hamer guitars. I recently had a guy reach out to me and ask for advice about his Hamer that I am not qualified to answer. He bought a Hamer Explorer and he believes it is USA made. I've attached the pics he sent me here. I'm no Hamer expert, but from what I've seen, this does not appear to be USA made. I feel bad for the guy because he thinks he got a USA Hamer and said he paid $850 for it. I thought I'd run it by the experts before I answer him. He thought it said "USA" on back of headstock, but looks like that might be "USED" to me. Any info appreciated.
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