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  1. I have few Wampler pedals, not sure if that is boo-teeky enough to pass. Just ordered Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra V2. Black Friday deal so it was not too bad. But I like that in comparison to the old SansAmp Bass Driver pedal. I hope that I can take that to gigs (when that is possible again) where I can do without backline.
  2. I do apologize. I had forgotten the title and since not a single Wampler pedal had been suggested I thought they might be really unpopular and not worth a mention and I did think about not adding anything to the discussion hence my reason for putting that first sentence in there.
  3. These kind of threads usually end up people just suggesting their favourite pedals. I had an OCD v1.4 and I was not mad keen on it and sold it on. The pedal I personally like the most for the application asked about is Wampler Euphoria. I also have a Tumnus Deluxe which is good but the Euphoria is great for adding sparkle, responds well to the volume of the guitar being adjusted or adding more gain if needed. But that’s just my experience.
  4. Brilliant looking collection. Nice to see the two 2xHB models.
  5. I loved that video when i saw that. And to see the guitar. My second favourite guitar after Vernon Reid’s yin yang Hamer
  6. I have to say his beat up blue Jackson was my dream guitar and it’s the reason I love beat up super strats
  7. Just came across this video and I have always loved the band and both Scotti and Snake’s playing
  8. That must have been horrendous to deal with. I put a lol on it because I did laugh how technology could not have predicted that
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