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  1. Brilliant looking collection. Nice to see the two 2xHB models.
  2. I loved that video when i saw that. And to see the guitar. My second favourite guitar after Vernon Reid’s yin yang Hamer
  3. I have to say his beat up blue Jackson was my dream guitar and it’s the reason I love beat up super strats
  4. Just came across this video and I have always loved the band and both Scotti and Snake’s playing
  5. That must have been horrendous to deal with. I put a lol on it because I did laugh how technology could not have predicted that
  6. Just out of curiosity what is the difference between this one and the one you have up for sale?
  7. I have only played and gigged Warwick basses since 97. I briefly had a MM Stingray but barely touched it. Warwicks have always felt very natural to me and fitted my style of playing, anything from rock and metal to jazz and folk music/singer songwriter type of stuff. I would be comfortable using anything and I am would not limit myself to anything but I am just so happy with my basses and will most likely never buy one again. As for guitars I have over the years had a few and I am trying not to gather too much stuff around me (I would happily never stop getting new guitars) so from that p
  8. Was that one a pickup in Sheffield on EBay? I have been trying not to buy any more guitars and actually cut down. Play them instead of spending time on the Internet looking for another one. I saw that one and thought about it but managed to hold back and few hours later it was gone. It was a steal.
  9. Looks interesting but battered to f^%k and a bit overpriced. I got my boomerang one for just a tiny bit more than that so I would be really reluctant to pay that.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. By the sounds of it more people have been snapping them up and gone are the days of being able to pick them up for not much. I am not going to be paying stupid money for them and will just consider myself lucky that I got one for not much (I do have an 86 Chap which is I great fun guitar but not really on par with my boomerang Chap) and just enjoy that.
  11. Well the reason I ask this is because I think I got the Chap really cheap because neither of us knew how much it should cost and my favourite Cent I got for almost 350. So I think I have a distorted idea of what these should cost and would really like to know what I should expect to be paying. Not looking to sell at all.
  12. I got a Chap few years ago with boomerangs and iridescent finish which took me on the Hamer journey. I had no idea what the prices would be and I thought it was reasonable at the time. What would be rough price for a higher spec Chap or Cent these days? I am thinking about getting another one but not sure what these would go for and I don’t want to try and find one but be wildly off what the market value is.
  13. Yes I done this few times on bass, been asked to play few songs but like others have said the action is so high (doesn’t anyone no how to set a guitar/bass up properly???) and the strap so low that when the bass is on it is almost on the floor. I don’t want to change anything since it’s not my gig. So it ends up being an exercise in battling the elements sort of speak. So I tend to decline politely these days.
  14. Shame it didn’t work out but you should not feel guilty. You didn’t have to reply to the thread and say you are the owner but you did. You bought it in a shop years ago not like you bought cheap from the original owner. There is a market value for items and why would you give a stranger it for a significant lower amount just because they want it. This would apply to any items. You would not sell your house cheap because someone knocked on the door and said their granny had lived there. I know it is not exactly the same but the principle applies.
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