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  1. nhojbo


    Hey Jakeboy! Thanks so much for listening to the new tunes and for the great review. I’m so glad you like them! I’m an “old rocker” myself, so we must have similar musical influences. I guess I’m just trying to reinforce through my music that rock ain’t dead! #78 is such a joy to play and I love all of the tones that I can get from it – plus, it’s a beautiful instrument to look at! Mike and Josh really nailed everything I wanted. I’m glad you asked about the drums. While all the other instruments I played in the songs are “real”, you may be surprised to hear that I used Addictive Drums for the drum tracks. What I like about AD is the number of different kits they offer, the amount of customization I can do to each kit and individual drum to shape the tone I want, and how easy it is to write/build the beats I have in my head for each song. I spend a lot of time building the drum beats and shaping the sounds to make them sound like a live drummer/kit. Based on your comments, I think I pulled that off! Since you liked my new stuff, feel free to give my “Silent Voices” and “A Loss For Words” EPs a spin too. Thanks again!
  2. nhojbo


    Hey fellow Hamerheads! I just released my latest EP, Better Left Unsaid, and thought some of you might want to hear #78 in action. My Shishkov provided a lot of inspiration for these new songs. It’s the main electric guitar used on those tracks. I just love how versatile that instrument is! I also used my Hamer Echotone for the guitar solo on “Third Thing Unsaid”. I wrote, produced, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered all of the music under my artist name “My Wildest Dream” (except for the harmonica on “First Thing Unsaid” played by Trent Williamson). Listen here on YouTube and streaming services.
  3. nhojbo


    Mike posted some beautiful photos of #78 on FB which I thought I would share here. Enjoy!
  4. nhojbo


    Shishkov #78 was delivered today and I haven’t been able to put it down. It has exceeded ALL of my high expectations! Not only does it look killer (that tiger maple top has an incredible 3D figure!), but it also has great tone and playability. It is by far the best guitar I have ever played. Mike and Josh listened to my wishes and they cared as if they were building this for themselves. Mike’s commitment to quality is unsurpassed. Here are some of the details: - Maple/Mahogany/Rosewood - Cognac sunburst/Gold hardware - Gibson 1960’s neck profile - Custom Gravelin pickups (I requested a hotter, yet vintage, PAF style humbucker) – Thanks Josh! They sound amazing! - VVT controls with truly independent volume control when both pickups are selected, and push/pull volume pots to switch respective humbucker from series to parallel I could go on and on about how spectacular this guitar is, but I’ll let these photos speak for themselves...
  5. nhojbo


    Nope, still waiting...
  6. nhojbo


    You think YOU need more... I'm going nuts waiting (impatiently) for this to be finished and in my hands! I just try and manage my impatience by knowing that it will be worth the wait in the end. Every day that goes by is one day closer to FINALLY getting to play this beautiful guitar that Mike built for me!
  7. nhojbo


    Damn! I told Mike not to make that public yet!
  8. nhojbo


    Keeping the rest of the details under wraps until the final reveal. Stay tuned...
  9. nhojbo


    The back is brown to match the outer edge of the burst.
  10. nhojbo


    Hi Gang! Been lurking around the site for a couple years, and finally have something to post. Mike's shared a few "naked" pictures of this build on FB over the past couple months, but here's a sneak peak at #78 with some color! Won't be long now...
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